Where are the offices located?
Our offices are situated in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Being in LA enhances our operational efficiency, fosters better working conditions, and supports our commitment to sustainability.

Are the factories up to date on compliance?
Yes, factories fully comply with all California state regulations.

What are the working conditions?
We ensure that the facilities are clean and operate strictly during business hours. 

How many units can the company produce?
Our production capacity reaches up to 80,000 units per month.

Are there MOQ’s (minimum order quantities)?
Our pricing tiers begin at 100 units per style per color. Orders under 100 units can be accommodated at a premium rate.

Do you work with smaller brands?
We specialize in supporting emerging brands and startups. Understanding the intricacies of launching a new brand, we offer comprehensive management of all details and low minimums, allowing brands to test the market and establish a solid foundation.

Can we come see the factories?
To maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, we do not permit factory visits. Our clients frequently develop new designs and conduct testing, and we prioritize the protection of their intellectual property. 

Are you able to give information on suppliers?
We maintain a vast network of suppliers to meet our clients' needs. While we do not disclose specific supplier information, we provide detailed information on fabrics and trims, including pricing, content, weight, and care instructions.

Do you work with knits?
Yes, we work with a wide range of knit fabrics, excluding sweater knits. Our focus is primarily on cut-and-sew garments, though we may offer sweater knits in the future.

 Do you have flat lock machines?
Yes, our factory is equipped with flat lock machines and specializes in contemporary activewear and yoga apparel, producing for brands like Beyond Yoga.

 Can you tell me general pricing over the phone?
To provide an accurate quote, we require a sketch or reference image. Each quote is tailored to the specifics of the project and the garment construction details. 

How did Form Department start?
Form Department was founded to address the industry's need for better understanding and guidance. We offer brands the insight and knowledge necessary to build a strong foundation, alleviating their concerns about the finer details.

Can you tell me what my item would cost in production or give an estimate
We require a sample to be made to assess construction and quality. This allows us to accurately price the production based on the time and effort required. Once a sample is approved, we will provide a production quote.