Below is a summary of some of our key policies and procedures at Form Department to assist you with your positive customer experience at our company. Thank you for your interest in our company and look forward to serving your needs.


Our office hours are 9-5pm Monday- Friday. If you contact us on Friday, we may need till Tuesday for a response depending on production work schedules. We may need up to 24 hours to respond to your inquiry or message in order to provide all of our customers with optimal service and product(s). However, we will endeavor to respond in a timely manner.


Please allow up to 5 business days for a new order quote. This is in part due to obtaining all the needed information to provide your quote including from our suppliers and manufacturers. Most typically, our Initial meeting can take up to one week to schedule for a quote to coincide with the quoting process. (Note: Our initial quote pricing is subject to change once we create the pattern and sample if the work is more in depth, then discussed as the project progresses).


All orders require at minimum of a 50% deposit of quoted price before work can be started. (Please see: the notes below for methods of payment that are available).


All adjustments to patterns and samples will have an additional cost from the original pattern or sample. We can provide the additional estimate of cost as requested or needed for the project. Additionally, most material samples will include a cutting fee to cover the cut fees we are charged by the supplier/vendor.


Fittings are available. The fee for fittings is $175 per hour at minimum. 


Rush orders will be subject to a 20% minimum rush order charge. We can provide a quote for the rush order as requested. Keep in mind, rush orders may include adjustments to supplier, manufacturing, and service costs and schedule times.


A discount of 3% will be applied to your next invoice for new any customer referral.


There is one complimentary meeting (at no charge) per invoice. If you would like to request an additional meeting, we will need to schedule it a week in advance.  The billable rate for general consultation is $200 per hour. 


Sourcing fees are based on per type of fabric per invoice. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the sourcing supplier information. We can only provide information on the fabric content and price.


Production pricing in our quotes is subject to change by any manufacturer changes or adjustments to its production run fees. 


The following services are all full payment:





Branding work (Logo, Brand identity, Website etc.)

Shipping/Courier service/Local delivery fee


For accuracy in processing your request and order please complete all forms correctly and send all additional information to the business email shown above or to your Form Department customer service contact (note: please do not TEXT any additional information or changes to your order as we cannot update your order requirements from them). 


To ensure accuracy for your order(s), please provide all changes or requests in writing. Unfortunately, we cannot provide confirmation of changes or requests on a “Verbal” basis.


We will need a Purchase Order number in order proceed with your services for production for all orders. If a purchase order is not provided it could delay your order.


Cancellation of Your Order, please take note:


  • Development orders must be cancelled within the first 24 hours in order to avoid incurred fees.


  • Any RUSH development orders must be cancelled within 2 hours in order to avoid incurred fees.


  • No refunds on developments once the order is passed the grace period. All developmental work fees are billed as a FINAL sale.


  • ALL Production work cancellations must be within 24 hours of receiving your P.O. (Purchase Order documents) in order to avoid incurred fees (including from the manufacturer(s)).


ALL CANCELLATIONS NEED TO BE REQUESTED IN WRITING. BE SURE to CONFIRM that your order has been cancelled. We will endeavor to issue a confirmation that your order is cancelled along with any information regarding your order or any outstanding charges incurred.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide pictures until the work is fully completed and ready to ship.


Service Lead times:

Standard sample lead time is 3-4 weeks 


Standard production lead time is 6-8 weeks 


We schedule out all service completion dates for each order for each client (via production scheduling).


All samples will be available for shipping once they are finished. All sample merchandise is photographed before shipping for production and quality control record keeping.


Your start date is not the date of your deposit but the day we have complete package to proceed. If trims or fabrics from source suppliers are delayed the production deadline may be pushed back. We will advise of any delays to your orders.


If you will be supplying your own fabric, tags, labels etc please send them 1 week before the project start date (or sooner when possible). 


We do not provide reference samples for fit. Please provide one sample for fit of each style. 


We automatically ship all finished orders to the client unless a meeting is scheduled prior to service completion date or otherwise advised. However, please note: We do not ship samples or finished products until full payment is made. Be sure to confirm your ship to address information on your order(s). Customer pays for the shipping of merchandise. If you request priority shipping that is also at your expense. Be sure to provide us with your carrier’s shipping account if you wish to use that.


Please pay all invoices upon receipt. No customer invoice terms are available as a matter of policy. We do not accept credit cards except through the Intuit (QuickBooks) billing system. All invoices must be paid via Intuit’s billing system. (And, no checks are accepted without prior consent or approval). 


If invoices are 30 days or more past due your invoice may be subject to a 10% late payment charge that will be added to the total in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Material Selection Policy:

This policy underscores that our organization does not assume responsibility for the choice of materials made by clients. As a service, we provide material options; however, the onus for testing, usage, and approval of all materials and trims ultimately rests with the customer. Confirmation by the customer signifies acknowledgment and acceptance of this responsibility.


No returns. All sales are final. 


All production damages credit requests will need to be requested along with images of the damaged product within 5 days of receiving your merchandise and are subject to the manufacturer’s approval of credit. We would prefer that in addition to the photos to be provided you return the damaged merchandise at your expense for the manufacturer’s requirements to obtain credit. No refunds are available, credit only. 


Rush samples 
Standard turnaround time for samples is 2-4 weeks for cut and sew, and 3-5 weeks for denim. Rush samples are subject to 10-20% rush fee 

Promo/photoshoot samples
These orders need to be placed before production and are billed separately. Production pieces are not considered a part of Promo/photoshoot samples. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be needing promotions samples and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How we partner with our brands 
Because of the nature of the business, there may be setbacks and we are here to help guide you through the process. We are here to work with you. If we pose a solution, it is to benefit you and your company. We have your best interest in mind and are here to help. 

The benefit of working with us is that in addition to our years of experience, we also provide support and guidance throughout the entire process. We do ask as partners that all information on the client's side also be disclosed to us so we can give the best recommendations for your needs.

How we handle delays
Due to the nature of the industry, some items may be delayed. If any items are delayed, we will notify you and do our best to come up with solutions. We know as clients, you are working with your own internal timeline, and we always take that into account when mapping out development and production. We still require full payment on all services, on time or delayed. 

Material invoices
Materials are billed separately at 100% upfront. Materials are not ordered until the material invoice has been settled. A material invoice maybe 10% over what we invoice and may include additional charges based on vendor.

When shipping to us, please be sure to include the suite number, as well as the tracking number so we can monitor the delivery. When shipping to our clients, we will be confirming the address before we ship out. We require a shipping account number that is up to date with payment information, all shipping chargebacks will be billed with a CC fee added.

All Form Department’s resources and non essential business information are confidential and are not available for disclosure. We do not allow clients in our facilities due to client confidentiality. We have many clients in development and we are under understanding of confidentiality rules with them.

Shipping and Receiving Policy:

Once samples or production items leave our facility via the designated shipping carrier, clients are responsible for the cost of goods and receiving the items in-house. Any shipping fees incurred during the transportation of samples or products are the sole responsibility of the client.

Credit Policy:

All credits issued by Form Department are valid for up to one year from the date of issuance. Clients are encouraged to utilize their credits within this timeframe. Any unused credits will expire after one year and cannot be extended or reinstated.

Artwork Responsibility:

Form Department is not responsible for the quality, accuracy, or suitability of artwork provided by the client. Clients are advised to thoroughly check all artwork dimensions and colors before submitting them to Form Department. Any issues arising from the provided artwork, such as inaccuracies or discrepancies, are the sole responsibility of the client.

It is recommended that clients review proofs and samples carefully to ensure they meet their specifications before approving them for production. Any modifications or corrections needed after approval may result in additional charges.

By engaging in business with Form Department, clients acknowledge and accept these terms related to shipping, credits, and artwork responsibility.


We look forward to working together and providing you with top notch service and helping your company attain your business related goals!