Our process

The Athletics Mvmt knows sustainability is not just about the fabric, it's about the process. We choose to work with local, family-owned manufacturers largely because of the accountability and transparency these relationships offer. We believe that sustainability is choice that we should commit to every day. Below are some examples of how we adhere to that in our daily practice…

From recycled and organic cotton, to fibers such as Tencel and Modal, sustainability starts from here. How yarns are spun and processed impact the environment, so we carry these yarns as well as finished fabric to help brands and manufacturers looking for alternative and sustainable options in their apparel. All of our knit fabrics are finished here locally in Los Angeles. Our vendors use low-impact dyes and recycled water to reduce the environmental impact in compliance with California Prop 65. 80% of our materials are sourced locally, with all of our material for our jersey and sweatsuits being developed and manufactured in Vernon CA.

The knitting machinery is consistently maintained and updated to ensure efficient operation and electrical consumption. All of our items are cut to order so that there is minimal waste. Our pre-production process allows us to digitally place our products in a way that allows us to use as little material as possible, per style. And we keep low stock so that we do not have overages every season